Lekker Paella in Amsterdam


If you happen to be in Amsterdam, meet up with Chef Jose or paella lover Catherine Zeta-Jones at La Paella restaurant, on Warmoesstraat street.

Savor that delicious paella dish with a glass of chilled Spanish rosé (rosado) as you scheme your next thrilling heist–just like one of the cast members of Ocean’s 12, which was filmed around Amstserdam’s The Nine Streets, or as it’s locally known– De Negens Straatjes.

Photo: claire.dille.p.

La Paella is located in the heart of Amsterdam. Very friendly atmosphere that makes you feel at home. Great menu and very affordable prices.

Lekker eten! lekker paella!

Here’s a glowing review from a Spaniard who claims that La Paella is a true Spanish restaraunt:  “Ahí donde lo ves, el restaurante La Paella no es solo un restaurante español para guiris, es un verdadero restaurante español. La comida, como en casa.” LAZAPATILLA

Paella + Kevin Bacon: 6 Degrees of Separation

We can connect Paella with Kevin Bacon in four steps:

  1. Paella + Catherine Zeta-Jones: Ocean’s 12 >
  2. Catherine Zetta-Jones + Anthony Hopkins: The Legend of Zorro >
  3. Anthony Hopkins + Tom Cruise: Mission Impossilbe 2 >
  4. Tom Cruise + Kevin Bacon:  A Few Good Men


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